Double U

StartupFounder, Owner & CEO



  • Hackathon Climate-KIC 2015
  • Hackathon E-ON 2016
  • Startup of the year French chamber of commerce 2017 

Working with Double U at Distortion 2017 was a pleasure. People have a tendency to toss their bikes right next to our entrance, so having Double U’s bike parking set up further down the road help relieve a lot of that pressure. It was also great for my volunteers to have a specific, well-signed place to guide bikes as well. Double U’s concept it definitely usable at festivals.


Original video and music

Modular bicycle parking

One year ago I founded Double U a startup that rents bicycle parking to events and festivals across Denmark. I have created a new kind of bicycle parking that is adaptable and adjustable and is eco-friendly. I have produced Double U in a Danish factory near Esbjerg for 1000 bicycles and we have tested four times our solutions at Roskilde festival 2016 and 2017, Distortion ø 2017 and Musik I Lejet 2017.  The service includes delivery, installation, removal, maintenance, and promotion on the bicycle boards. I won different competitions to get more visibility and help (E-on Hackathon Copenhagen in 2016 and Startup of the year from the french chamber of commerce based in Copenhagen) I am currently working on growing the company.

Double U at music festivals in 2017

Original visuals to promote Double U